Configuring Torque Notifications

  • 12 April 2022
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This article explains how to configure Torque notifications for Slack chats, Teams chats, and your preferred automation tool(s). You can define multiple notifications for different communication tools, and for different channels in the same communication tool.

The target chat or automation tool is defined by a dedicated webhook, which you will need to provide. 

To configure Torque notifications:

  1. In Torque, access the suitable space.
  2. Click Settings > Notifications.
  3. Click + Add Notification.
    The Select the notification target dialog box is displayed (Slack, Teams, or generic webhook).
  4. Select the suitable communication tool.
  5. Provide a name for the notification.
  6. Enter the webhook address, as explained in the desired tool’s official documentation.
  7. Test the configuration:
    1. (For generic webhooks) Optionally provide a token from the tool to send with the notification.
    2. (For generic webhooks) From the Select event to test dropdown list, select the desired event.
    3. Click Send Test Message and make sure you receive a Torque notification message in the chat or generic tool.
  8. Click Select Notifications to select the notifications to send.
  9. Click Apply.

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