Installing the TeamCity Plugin

  • 19 April 2021
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To properly install TeamCity Plugin, make sure to complete all three steps, as detailed in this article:

Delete Colony Plugin

Perform this step if you are using Colony Plugin.

  1. Open TeamCity’s web UI as an administrator.
  2. Browse to the Administration > Plugins page.
  3. Under the External plugins section, delete the Colony plugin (warning message is displayed recommending that you restart the TeamCity Server.)
  4. Click Restart and wait for TeamCity to initiate.

    You don’t need to recreate and/or configure any existing build steps that use Colony Plugin. Any pre-configured build steps that used Colony plugin will still be available after deleting the plugin and installing Torque plugin.

Step 1: Installing

  1. Open the Torque (formerly known as Colony) Plugin page in Team City's Plugins Repository
  2. Download the latest version of the Torque plugin.
  3. Open TeamCity’s web UI as an administrator and perform the following steps:
    1. Browse to the AdministrationPlugins page.
    2. Click the Upload plugin zip and upload the warning message is displayed recommending that you restart the TeamCity Server.
    3. Click Restart and wait for TeamCity to initiate.
  4. To verify that the installation is successfully completed: 
    1. Browse to the AdministrationPlugin List page.
    2. Under the External plugins section, verify that the Torque Plugin appears with no warnings. 
    3. Open the Projects Overview page and open any project.
    4. Click Edit Project Settings.
    5. Under the left General Settings list, a Torque option appears (the tab will appear only if TeamCity was restarted as described in step 3.3.). 

Your plugin is now installed. 

Step 2: Configuring the Plugin in your TeamCity Project

  1. Open TeamCity as Administrator.
  2. Open the Project Administration page and click the Torque tab.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Under the General Configuration section, enter the following parameters:
    1. Torque Server URL:
    2. Token: In Torque, open the Settings page and click Integrations.
      1. Under the TeamCity icon click Connect.
      2. Copy the automatically generated token.
      3. Switch back to TeamCity and paste the token into this field.

        NOTE: The token value is generated by Torque.

 Your plugin is now well configured.

Step 3: Verifying the Configuration and Launching a Sandbox

To start launching sandboxes from your TeamCity pipeline, see Launching a Sandbox from TeamCity Pipeline.

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