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  • 19 April 2021
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Torque allows you to deploy applications on AWS, Azure and Kubernetes (EKS / AKS / self-managed). This is done using a Torque cloud account, which is really an adapter between Torque and the cloud provider or Kubernetes cluster on which the applications will be spun up. The cloud account allows Torque to spin up the environment’s infrastructure on the selected cloud provider or Kubernetes cluster. Adding a cloud account is a one-time setup step. This can be done in an automated or manual self-service fashion without the need for direct access to the cloud account's management console. You can deploy environment sandboxes to multiple cloud providers and multiple cloud accounts. 

The first cloud account is added by the account owner when first logging in to Torque. As an account owner, you can add additional cloud accounts or cloud providers at any point in time.

Please note that the first cloud account for each cloud provider receives an immutable default name - “AWS” and “Azure”. Furthermore, the very first cloud account you create in Torque will also be used by Torque’s Sample blueprints, which are discussed in Launch a Sample Sandbox.

To learn how to add cloud accounts, see:

Cloud Resource Tagging

Torque automatically tags your AWS cloud resources to allow you to analyze your cloud provider billing reports and refine your Torque members' roles and permissions.

To learn more about Torque's tagging method, see Tagging AWS Cloud Resources >>

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