Using Terraform Blueprints in Torque

  • 23 November 2021
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It is possible to define blueprints in Terraform modules. Simply define the Terraform repository in your Torque account and determine which Terraform modules you’d like to make available in your space(s). Torque provides full support for Terraform so you don’t need to modify your Terraform modules in any way. 

The general process for setting up and using Terraform blueprints is as follows:

  1. The Torque admin adds the Terraform repository to Torque (Administration > Repositories).
  2. The Torque admin associates specific Terraform modules from the repository to the appropriate spaces (Administration > Assets).
  3. The space developer or an admin creates a blueprint out of a module (Blueprints > + Add New > Terraform blueprint).
    The Terraform blueprints are displayed.
  4. The sandbox end-user launches a sandbox from the Terraform module (Sandbox Environments > New > Terraform Blueprints).

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