Setting Up a Terraform Module Repository

  • 23 November 2021
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As Torque admin, you can add Terraform module repositories to Torque, enabling the deployment of sandbox and production environments defined in Terraform. The Torque admin adds the Terraform repositories to the account, and then associates specific modules from these repositories to the appropriate spaces.

NOTE: Torque provides full support for Terraform so you don’t need to change anything in your Terraform files.

To add a Terraform module repository:

  1. In BitBucket or GitHub, create a repository. Copy the repository's URL. 
  2. In  Torque perform the following steps:
    1. Open the Administration page and click the Repositories tab.
    2. Click +Add Repository.
    3. Click the source control tool you wish to use (GitHub or BitBucket) and paste the copied URL in the Add a GitHub Repository popup window.
    4. Click Connect
    5. Authorize Torque's access to your GitHub repository.
    6. Next, Associating a Terraform Module to a Space.

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