Torque Space Administrators - Role Overview

  • 7 November 2021
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The Torque space administrator has admin access to specific spaces. This type of user is responsible for setting up the Torque resources and integrations required by the space’s blueprint designers, including access to the space’s blueprint and artifacts repositories, integrations with CI/CD pipelines, and more.

Torque role: Space Admin

Recommended flow:

  1. Associate a blueprint repository with the space (Settings > Repositories > BLUEPRINT REPOSITORY FOR SANDBOX ENVIRONMENTS)
    Blueprints are defined in YAML files. These are created outside of Torque by the blueprint designer and must reside in a GitHub or BitBucket repository that is associated with the space. It’s your responsibility to associate the blueprint repository with the space.
  2. Associate an artifact repository with the space (Settings > Repositories > ARTIFACT REPOSITORIES)
    This repository hosts the application’s dependencies, such as libraries and packages. Technically, this is the blueprint designer's responsibility but they may need assistance.
  3. Manage the space’s users: add users to space, remove users from space, set user's role in a space (Settings > Users)
  4. Publish/unpublish blueprints (Blueprints)

Additional responsibilities:

  • Connect CI/CD tool(s) to a space (Settings > Integrations)
  • Connect a production environment blueprint repository to a space (Settings > Repositories > BLUEPRINT REPOSITORY FOR PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTS)
  • Launch new production environments (Production Environments)

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