Torque End Users - Role Overview

  • 7 November 2021
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A Torque end user is a user who has a business need to complete, such as an application developer who wants to check their work, a test engineer tasked with running sanity testing or validating a new feature, or something similar. This type of user’s focus is on launching the desired environment in a self-service manner and completing their task.

Torque role: Space Member

Recommended flow:

  1. Browse the self-service catalog for the desired blueprint (Blueprints)
  2. Launch a sandbox from a published blueprint (Blueprints)
  3. Access the sandbox’s application(s) and perform your tasks (Sandbox Environments > sandbox’s Summary tab)
  4. Debug the sandbox as needed. Connect to the application VMs to check out the deployment logs and troubleshoot issues (Sandbox Environments > sandbox’s Troubleshooting tab)
  5. Extend the sandbox’s duration or end it ahead of time (Sandbox Environments > sandbox page)

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