Torque Blueprint Designers - Role Overview

  • 7 November 2021
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A Torque blueprint designer is a user who develops blueprints of the desired application environments. This type of user essentially caters to the end users, who need to consume applications for their DevTest needs. As such, the blueprint designer needs to know how to develop blueprints but also consume and troubleshoot these environments as an end user.

Torque role: Space Dev


  • Be able to operate as an end user
  • Have access to commit to the blueprint repository
    • Have an in-depth understanding of Blueprint, Application and (possibly) Service YAMLs. 
    • (For service YAMLs) Understand Terraform and Torque's limitations to working with Terraform (and wrapping Terraform in a service)
  • (Potential) Have access to upload artifacts to artifact repository
    • Understand how Torque works with Artifacts from the artifact repository
    • Understand how Torque works with Bash/powershell scripts and built-in behaviors replacing them

Recommended flow:

  1. Associate your artifact repository to the space or ask the space admin for assistance (Settings > Repositories > ARTIFACT REPOSITORIES)
  2. See which cloud accounts are available in your space (Settings > Cloud Accounts)
  3. Using your preferred IDE, create a blueprint and make sure to place the blueprint’s YAML definition files and scripts in the space’s blueprint repository.
    Blueprints are defined in YAML files. These are created outside of Torque and must reside in a GitHub or BitBucket repository that is associated with the space. It’s the space admin’s responsibility to associate the blueprint repository with the space.
  4. Test launch the blueprint (Blueprints)

    TIP: We recommend keeping the blueprint private while it’s under development. Once it’s ready, ask your space admin to publish it.

As a blueprint designer, you may also work with production blueprints. In this capacity, you will:

  • Design production environment Blueprints
  • Create Green Production environment instances and promote Blue to Green / Rollback Green deployment

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