Torque Account Administrators - Role Overview

  • 7 November 2021
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The Torque account administrator is essentially a Torque super user with full permissions in Torque. Unlike the Torque space administrator who has admin permissions in their assigned space(s), the Torque administrator has admin permissions in all Torque spaces, and can access the Adminstration area, which is not accessible to space admins. The Torque administrator is responsible for setting up Torque for the first time as illustrated in the Getting Started flow, adding cloud account and Kubernetes compute services, general supervision and ongoing maintenance, and must be able to operate as a space administrator.

Torque role: Torque Administrator

The Torque administrator needs to:

  • Add/remove cloud accounts
  • Create spaces
  • Add/remove users
  • Create roles
  • Invite new account admins
  • Add/remove cloud accounts to/from spaces
  • Set/add Global Parameters
  • View Account billing

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