Using Helm Blueprints in Torque

  • 16 February 2022
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For your convenience, Torque supports the deployment of Helm charts. With a simple setup process, you can provide your end-users with Helm chart blueprints that are ready to be launched. No additional modifications are needed. Just define the Helm chart repository in your space and set up the blueprints. 

The general process for setting up and using Helm blueprints is as follows:

  1. The space admin adds the Helm repository to the space (Settings > Repositories).

    Torque uses the same repository both for YAML and Helm blueprints, so if you have a repository defined in Torque, simply add the Helm charts to the repository. 

  2. The space developer or an admin creates a blueprint out of a Helm chart.
  3. The space admin publishes the blueprint.
  4. End users in the space launch sandboxes based on the blueprint.

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