What is a Sandbox

  • 19 April 2021
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A sandbox is an on-demand, time-limited environment facilitating the completion of a specific task. Some examples are testing a new build of an application or reproducing bugs on a customer-like environment. Sandboxes are created from blueprints, which are defined in either YAML files or as Terraform modules, and are managed by the space owner and consumed by users through a self-service catalog.

Sandboxes can be launched from the Torque UI and the REST API, in a CI/CD pipeline for example. You can launch a sandbox from a blueprint and also relaunch a previously launched sandbox from the Sandbox Environments page.

NOTE: To assist with the blueprint development process, it is also possible to launch a sandbox from a blueprint in a specific branch/commit using the REST API’s /api/spaces/{space_name}/sandbox POST method. This capability is currently available for space developers and admins.

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