The Blueprints Catalog

  • 19 April 2021
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As a space owner you can provide your space members with all the dev/test environments they need. Just publish the required blueprints to the Blueprints catalog for self-service consumption. Your space members can independently select the environment blueprint that they want and launch a time-limited sandbox based on the selected blueprint.

There are two ways to access the Blueprints catalog: 

  • By clicking New Sandbox in the Sandbox Environments page. This view of the catalog allows you to launch a suitable sandbox in your space.
  • By clicking Blueprints from the menu panel on the left. This view of the catalog allows you to drill down into the blueprint, see its details and YAML files.

The catalog displays a subset of the blueprints in your space's Repository. The Blueprints displayed in the catalog are those blueprints which the space owner chose to publish. 

Torque supports 3 types of blueprints:

  • Torque: YAML-based files.
  • Terraform: Blueprints defined in your Terraform modules
  • Helm: Blueprints defined in your Helm charts

In addition, Torque provides sample blueprints for you to play around with, in the Sample space.

To learn how to publish blueprints to the self-service Blueprints Catalog, see Publishing Blueprints to the Blueprints Catalog

Searching the Blueprints catalog

To find a blueprint in your Blueprints catalog: 

  • Under the tab's title, in the search field, enter the name of the blueprint you are searching for. 

The list of blueprints in your catalog is dynamically filtered as you type the name of the blueprint you are searching for. 

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