Associating Your Kubernetes Compute Service to Spaces

  • 1 November 2021
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After adding the Kubernetes compute service to Torque, it is time to associate the compute to the relevant spaces.

NOTE: To successfully associate a space to a k8s compute service, the compute service’s cloud account must also be associated to the space.

To associate a Kubernetes compute service to spaces:

  1. Log in to Torque.
  2. Go to the Administration > Cloud Accounts page.
  3. click the cloud account that hosts the cluster.
  4. Select the compute service and click Add space.
  5. In the dialog box that opens, select the desired space, specify the sandbox namespace to be used in this space, and click Configure.
    The Network Settings page is displayed.
  6. Leave the Expose sandboxes to the Internet checkbox selected if you want the compute service to deploy public (internet facing) environments in this space.
  7. In the Namespace field, make sure the suitable namespace is specified.
  8. Click Apply and then click Confirm in the window that pops up.

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